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Loved for its welcoming Mediterranean hospitality, North  Cyprus combines intriguing antiquity and natural beauty with a sunny climate all year round, making it an ideal get-away for  every season.

Located at the crossroads of three continents, North Cyprus is the furthest East you can venture in the Mediterranean, with Turkey just 40 miles away. Yet, the island’s European influence means that, although Turkish is the official language in the North, English is still widely spoken, everybody drives on the left and British plug sockets remain the norm.

It is an exciting time to visit North Cyprus as facilities are being developed to add variety to life, yet many of the sandy beaches remain untouched and undiscovered.

The coastline has ancient harbours where you can dine al fresco and beaches that stretch for miles, while the depths of the crystalclear azure seas offer many of the region’s best dive sites. Indeed, visibility can be as much as 30 to 40 metres underwater.

A myriad of cafes, restaurants and bars await exploration in North Cyprus’s beautiful towns, whilst in villages, you will encounter an abundance of old-world charm and welcoming Mediterranean hospitality that will make you want to come back time and time again.

Perfect for anyone who wants to escape the crowds typical to many holiday destinations today,North Cyprus offers real character and charm. And being outside the Euro zone, it offers  great value too.

North Cyprus has five distinct areas offering unique experiences. In the West, around Güzelyurt, is the most fertile market-garden region with citrus groves and cultivated vegetables.The long northern coastline is backed by the Beşparmak (Five Finger) Mountains with their dramatic wooded slopes and craggy summits. Castles, ruins and religious relics adorn the mountains, whilst the lower hills and lowlands are alive with lush greenery, rare species of birds and butterflies, and a natural diversity of flowers that is unmatched in the Mediterranean, with an estimated 19 endemic plant species. Sandy beaches and rocky coves await discovery along the shore and the Venetian harbour town of Girne (Kyrenia) sits in the centre in all its considerable beauty.In the east, the finger of the Karpaz Peninsula points to Syria. This is both a remote and beautiful landscape with deserted beaches and ancient villages with once-grand basilicas, tombs and ruins which bear testament to the area’s glorious past.The eastern coastal area of Gazimağusa (Famagusta) Bay is one long, very fine beach with excellent facilities and clean, safe bathing and snorkelling. The “outdoor museum” that is the town of Gazimağusa is the centre of the region and an excellent hub for eating-out, shopping and recreation.

North Cyprus is relaxing, healthy and hospitable and you will come back feeling like you have found your very own haven with the sort of value you thought had disappeared years ago.



north Cyprus enjoys a very pleasant climate, with warm, dry summers and mild winters, and anaverage of 300 days of sunshine. in august, the hottest month, mean temperatures range from 21°C to 36°C and in the coldest months of January and February, the average temperature is around 10°C, with a winter average of six hours daily sunshine and only moderate rain, making it an ideal year-round destination.



north Cyprus is two hours ahead of Greenwich mean time


Power is supplied at 220/240 V AC, 50 Hz and wall fittings are the U.K. square three-pin type.


The official language is Turkish, but English is also widely spoken and used as a second language.


Gazimağusa (Famagusta):Canbulat tomb and museum, Buffavento Castle, Lala Mustafa Paşa Mosque, Old City Walls and Ottoman Houses, Othello’s tower, Salamis ruins, St. Barnabas monastery

Girne (Kyrenia):Bellapais abbey, St. Hilarion Castle, Historic Girne Harbour, Shipwreck museum,

Güzelyurt/Lefke:Güzelyurt museum, persian palace remains at Vouni, roman remains at Soli , St. mamas Church,

Karpaz Peninsula: apostolos andreas monastery, Kantara Castle, monastery Church of panayia Kanakaria, the ruins of ayios philion (Ören Yeri),

Lefkoşa (Nicosia):Büyük Han, museum of mevlevi tekke, Selmiye Mosque,

PASSPORT AND VISAS: No visa is required for British or EU citizens wishing to visit North Cyprus. The only requirement is a valid passport at the time of travel to North Cyprus, a return ticket and details of accommodation.

FLIGHTS: North Cyprus has two international airports. The larger of the two is Ercan Airport, near Lefkoşa, and the other is Geçitkale Airport near Gazimağusa. Due to international requirements, all flights into North Cyprus (Ercan Airport) have to touch down, in transit, at any airport in Turkey (Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Antalya or Dalaman). The stop-over is approximately 30 – 45 minutes and there is usually no change of aircraft. Luggage will be checked in straight through to Ercan Airport. For flight details, please contact your tour operator or one of the airlines outlined below.

Turkish Airlines:   00 90 212 444 0 849           Website: www.turkishairlines.com

Pegasus Airlines: 00 90 850 250 0 737           Website:   http://www.flypgs.com

Atlasjet Airlines   00 90 216 538 0 200          Website:    www.atlasjet.com

Onur Air :             00 90 850 210 66 87          Website:    www.onurair.com.tr

FERRIES: There are scheduled ferry and hovercraft services from Gazimağusa to Mersin, situated on the southern coast of Turkey. In addition to daily sea-bus and ferry services from Taşucu in Turkey to Girne, there are extra services from Girne to Alanya in Turkey during the summer months.

DUTY FREE ALLOWANCE: Adults are permitted to bring with them up to 400 cigarettes, 1 litre of wine or spirit and 100cl of perfume to North Cyprus. All kinds of cameras and one pair of binoculars are permitted as personal effects. Duty-free shops can be found at Ercan Airport and the ports at Girne and Gazimağusa.

ACCOMMODATION: A wide variety of accommodation is available in North Cyprus, including large luxury hotels, holiday villages and bungalows, as well as ‘Bed & Breakfast’, holiday villas and other self-catering accommodation. Furthermore, there are a number of camp sites along the beautiful sandy shores, but with more limited facilities.

CURRENCY-CHEQUES-CREDIT CARDS: The local currency is the New Turkish Lira (Yeni Turk Lirasi, YTL) but banks, larger hotels and some restaurants also accept UK Pound Sterling, US Dollars and Euros. Travellers’ cheques and major credit cards are widely accepted and there are no currency restrictions on entry or departure.

EMERGENCIES: Ambulance 112, Fire 199, Police 155, Forest Fire 177.

MEDICAL AND HEALTH SERVICES: The Central State Hospital is in Lefkoşa and there are other smaller state hospitals in Girne, Gazimağusa, Güzelyurt and Lefke. There are also clinics in smaller towns and some villages. Health services are on duty 24 hours a day. Visitors can obtain free emergency treatment at state hospitals, but treatment at private clinics or hospitals is subject to a consultancy and/ or treatment fee.

NIGHTLIFE: If you would like to experience some traditional Turkish night life, you will find that most hotels and restaurants have regular live Turkish music nights. There are also many pubs, bars, clubs, casinos and discos, many of which are open-air during the summer months.

PUBLIC TRANSPORT: An inexpensive network of buses and mini-buses operates between all the main towns. In addition, there is a Dolmuş service (shared taxis) operating on the same routes.

TAXIS: Taxis are widely available but do not carry meters. However, there are standard journey charges, they all have a copy of the fixed charges and will be happy to provide them upon request

CAR RENTAL: Visitors to North Cyprus can drive using a valid international driving license or a valid British driving license for an initial 12 month period. Car rental is relatively inexpensive and is widely available through tour operators or car hire companies in North Cyprus. Visitors are advised to check when booking as both left and right hand drive cars are available for hire. Please note driving is on the left, as in the UK.

TRAFFIC INFORMATION: Driving is on the left and traffic and road signs are international. Maximum speed is 100 km/hr. Vehicles entering North Cyprus must be insured upon arrival. Seat-belts must be worn at all times. Drinking and driving is illegal.

TELEPHONE: The international dialling code 0090 392 should precede the seven digit local telephone numbers when calling from abroad. Public telephone booths are available and telephone cards can be purchased from any Telecommunications Office

Popular Local Turkish Cypriot Food:

Soups :Lentil soup, tarhana soup, rice soup, Chicken broth soup,

Mezes :Hummus, Cacık , potato salad, Broad bean paste, Grilled hellim (cheese), Octopus & Calamari ,

Pilafs : rice pilaf, Bulgur pilaf,

Bread & pastries:Hellim cheese pie, minced meat pie, Spinach pie, pumpkin pie, Olive bread, Hellim bread,

Jams, marmelades & glazed fruits: Green walnuts, Bitter orange skins, Bergamot skins, Quince, Green figs, Watermelon skins,Pumpkin, Strawberry jam, orange jam, plum jam, grape jam,

Drinks: Fresh Lemonade, ayran (Salty yoghurt drink), Wine, Rakı, Brandy, Beer,



-For eleven thousand years, Cyprus has been a melting pot of great civilisations.

-North Cyprus offers the perfect escape from the stresses of everyday life.

-For outstanding and unspoilt natural beauty, look no further than North Cyprus.

-With an abundance of sandy beaches and a spectacular coastline that stretches for hundreds of miles, North Cyprus is the perfect year-round playground for those who love the sea.

-North Cyprus is home to a rich diversity of arts and culture ranging from ancient architecture to museums and galleries, cultural events and international festivals.

-North Cyprus feels friendly, intimate and peaceful with an unhurried Mediterranean pace.



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